Monday, August 15, 2011

January 2011 trip plans

August 15, 2011 and we are making big plans for our next trip to the lovely land of Costa Rica.  This is going to be a combination vacation, dental and cosmetic surgery trip..multi purpose so to speak.

Our general idea is to arrive in San Jose about the middle of January 2012,  and !GASP! rent a car to drive to the Pacific coast (destination as yet undecided).  Spend a week there and drive to what appears to be a lovely casa outside La Fortuna.  That is an area my daughter and family have not yet seen and which I greatly enjoyed.

After a couple of weeks, Brian and Brianna (son in law and 6 year old grand daughter) will fly home and my daughter, Kirstin, and I will stay in San Jose for Cosmetic surgery and dental work.  Kirstin had liposuction done about 5 years ago and isn't happy with the result.  The fantastic surgeon has agreed to a free do over for her.  I am going to complete my 2 stage molar implant and she is going to have a bridge replaced with an implant.

In the next few weeks, I also plan to fill in the missing 3 weeks I had in 2010..which ended with a broken wrist and inability to keyboard.

Shopping air flights and places to stay now.  Looking forward to our return vacation greatly but holy cow have airline rated increased in just over a year.  I'm hesitant to buy now, hoping they will come down a bit come fall.

I've never rented a car 'cause the thought of driving in San Jose terrifies me and going anywhere else is easily done by bus, however there is the big drawback of traveling with a 6 year old on long bus rides where potty stops aren't as frequent as she might need.  Also this will gain us a couple of days in the middle, not needing to return to San Jose, overnight and then get the La Fortuna bus then find a cab to take us to the house which is quite a ways away from the town.  Also there are lots of things I didn't get to see- except by joining a tour group-which is a drag BTW.  This way we can come and go as we wish.  We'll drop the car back at the airport when son-in-law goes home and my daughter and I will go back to the bus rides.